Flatastic for the Circle of Friends: A short portrait of Carla and "Auf einen Streich" (In One Stroke) #

We originally developed Flatastic for shared apartments, then couples and families came along. The fact that a group of 12 friends, spread across several countries, needs Flatastic has blown our socks off!

Carla and her circle of friends “Auf einen Streich” (In One Stroke) told us how and why they need Flatastic.

Brief portrait #

Our Flatastic account was created about six years ago in a shared apartment in Berlin. The flat share era came to an end, the account remained. We are now a group of friends consisting of twelve people between the ages of 26 and 29 who use the account together. We live in five different places: Ösnabrück, Berlin, Hanover, Bargstedt (Germany) and Trondheim (Norway). Since we always come together in the tried and tested constellation, the group remains with Flatastic and is used several times a week. We mainly use the app for finances. Here we enter every purchase, regardless of whether only two people were involved in a purchase or all twelve people. Finally, we no longer have to write down the expenses on a piece of paper and at the end do the math. Flatastic makes the issue of money easier for us in the group of friends. We no longer have to talk about money and discuss who is going to advance the purchase, but instead enter the amount directly in our account.

Which specific function do you like best about Flatastic? #

In any case, the finance section, we don't actually use the others at all (cleaning plan, shopping list). That may be because we use the account as a group of friends and not as a shared apartment. In the finance section, we mainly use the 'Balance sheet' tab and not the 'Entries' tab.

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