Flatastic 3.0

We have redesigned Flatastic from the ground up! The new design acts as a basis for many new features that will come out soon.

Do you have issues with the new version? Check our FAQs for help.
image of the app before and after

The new design is the starting place for an exciting future. Flatastic has been our side-project for a long time. In addition to our jobs and becoming parents (again, belated congratulations to Clemens), we didn't always have the time to implement all your wishes and feature requests in addition to maintenance of the app.

That is why the design has not fundamentally changed in almost six years. You were not the only ones who noticed – we did too. Henry in particular, who joined us as a UI / UX designer at the beginning of the year, noticed it.

But how should we prioritise? Implement new features first? Or is the new design more important? Or all at once? How can we most effectively use our time?

We have come to the conclusion that any upcoming changes to the app need a strong design foundation. In that way, the design is much more than just a facelift: It is the basis for many new features. So stay tuned!

Improved usability

During the course of the redesign, we have already incorporated many small improvements. Many more will follow in the coming months.

For example:

Improved shopping list

The shopping list with smart suggestions is now simplified and easier to use. It's now also easier see who has put an item on the shopping list and when.

shopping list ui

Filter tasks by person and due date [Premium]

Sometimes you just want to see your own tasks. Show only your own tasks, or tasks of a certain type.

filter types

Your input is important to us!

To everyone who gave feedback or participated in the beta test: Thank you very much! It is always a pleasure to talk to you and find out how we can solve your problems better.

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Malik, Clemens, Henry

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