Release Notes

Version 3.3.0

Better Shopping List

The shopping list received lots of love and new features with this update. They make your shopping experience simpler, easier and better:

Organise lists with tags ★ PREMIUM

Organize your shopping list with tags instead of lists. Tag items on your list and filter by those tags. That way you'll always see the items that you need.

It's super fast to tag items and create lists

Add an item to your shopping list, then quickly assign it a tag in the dialogue that shows up.

Show only the lists(tags) you need

Switch between lists, or a combination of lists without friction. Only the items with the assigned tags will show up

Sort or filter your by your tags

Categorise items

Categorise and sort or group your items. Whether it's spices, milk&cheese, or meat. There's a category for every item.

Categorise your own items easily

Tap on the category icon of any item and select a category to organize your shopping list.

Auto-categorisation for most items

We pre-categorized over 300 of the most used Items for you (of course you can always change them later).

Group items by category, just like the shelves in your supermarket ★ PREMIUM

When you sort by category, all your items are sorted like most large supermarket chains out there. That way you'll save yourself the hassle of running back and forth!

Sort Items ★ PREMIUM

Group your items by "User", "Alphabetically", "Category", "by Tag" or by "by most recently added"

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