The flatastic subscription #

Almost a year ago we started to fund Flatastic through voluntary donations (see following blog article). So far, hundreds of users have supported us with the equivalent of a coffee ☕️, a beer 🍻 or even more !! We are extremely grateful for every single donation and for the positive feedback. Our expenses, especially the server costs, are unfortunately not one-off expenses. We are asked to pay for it every month. We love Flatastic very much and we enjoy improving our coexistence. So that we can do this in the future, we have now implemented a simple subscription model.

Flatastic Premium subscription #

The Flatastic Premium subscription is super simple: for less than one coffee a month you become a premium user ⭐️ (if you opt for an annual subscription, you save 20%).

As a premium user you have many advantages:

  • You don't see any ads
  • You can export all financial entries as .csv files
  • You show love and thus make for a better app ❤️
  • You can use Flatastic without restrictions

Our gift to previous supporters #

All great people who have supported us with a donation will receive the premium subscription for another 3 months in addition to the already credited, advertising-free months! Thanks for your support! You guys rock 🤘🎸!

Background #

Every day we receive a lot of compliments and great suggestions from our users. Thanks to the feedback we have created a long to-do list of possible improvements to the app:

  • Better statistics, negative amounts and history for finances
  • Categorization and sorting option for the shopping list
  • Vacation mode and a simple to-do list for the cleaning schedule
  • Family version and calendar for your home
  • Settings for notifications and recipes
  • A widget and much more ...

It gives us a lot of pleasure to implement all wishes and thus improve our coexistence. However, sustainable funding must be ensured. To date, we have not raised any investor funds. An absolute no-go for us is to sell your data to finance Flatastic. Advertising as the primary business model is also very suboptimal. Ultimately, this would mean that we would optimize Flatastic for our advertising partners and not for you as a user (see Facebook). IMG_3735_iphone8spacegrey_portrait
In our opinion, the best and most honest way is a subscription model: We devote all of our energy to making the organization of your home as easy as possible. You return the favor with a small monthly fee for using the app.

We are looking forward to your feedback!

Clemens, Malik & Team Flatastic