Frequently Asked Questions

The app no longer opens after updating it. What can I do?

For iOS devices

Try to delete the Flatastic app and to re-install it afterwards. If that doesn't help, please write a email to

For Android devices:

Try to clear the cache and storage. Afterwards you'll need to log in again.

That's how you clear the cache and storage
📱 Click here for a screen recording
👉 Click here for an alternative using the Android settings
  • Close the Flatastic app
  • Open the Android settings
  • Open the "Apps" menu
  • Choose installed applications
  • Select "Flatastic"
  • Select "Cache and Storage"
  • Clear the storage by clicking on "Clear Storage"
  • Clear the ache by clicking on "Clear Cache"
  • Now, everything should be working again

If that didn't help or the instructions don't work for your device please write us an email to

How do I create a flat share, couple or family household?

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Click on “Set up a home” on the start screen and invite your roommates.

I forgot my password. What to do?

Everyone has lost a key at some point. Simply click on “Forgot your password” in the Flatastic app and you will receive a new password by email. Then please do not forget to reset the password in the settings.

I'm not getting any notifications. What can I do?

First, see if you allow Flatastic to display notifications in the settings on your mobile phone. You also have the option of testing the push messages in the app. See under & quot; Settings → Notifications → Test notifications & quot ;. Have you already taken the test? Everything positive and still no notification? Try reinstalling the app, sometimes that helps. If none of that helps, write an email to

I would like to cancel my premium subscription?

Are you sure;)? If so, you have to cancel the subscription directly with Apple / Google.

For Android users:

  1. Open the Google Play Store and expand the menu
  2. Select subscriptions
  3. Tap the Flatastic subscription
  4. Finally, press cancel subscription.

Here are the official instructions

For iPhone users:

  1. Open the settings and click on your name
  2. iTunes & amp; Select App Store
  3. Click on the Apple ID at the top and select ‘Show Apple ID’
  4. Scroll down and select subscriptions
  5. Select the Flatastic subscription and take the desired action

Here are instructions with pictures on

My roommate cannot move in. Why is that?

Check that your roommate has entered the correct invitation code. If so and it still doesn't work, send us an email to

How can I settle a deposit for expenses?

Unfortunately that is not possible. No negative amounts of money can be entered in the expenditure module. The easiest way is to simply offset the deposit against another purchase.

A roommate does not have a smartphone. Can we still use Flatastic?

Definitely! For these cases we have specially programmed a version for the browser. You can find them here:

How can I edit a task?

Task created incorrectly? Not a thing, just click on the round profile pictures and the edit mode opens.

How can I delete a task?

Task created incorrectly? Not a thing, just click on the round profile pictures and the edit mode opens.

How can I edit expenses?

Wrong amount entered? No problem, just click on the relevant financial entry and then select edit.

Can I edit someone else's expenses?

Someone made a wrong entry and you want to correct it? Then just speak to the roommate. Flatastic does not allow you to edit entries from other users.

How can I delete my account?

Tired of Flatastic? No problem. Go to «Settings» → In the section «Support & Legal» click on “Delete account”. Bonus: Write briefly to why we should delete your account. This helps us to keep improving Flatastic.

How do I move out of my flat share?

Are you moving out of your shared apartment and want to move into a new one? Then just do the following: First of all, settle your finances in «Statistics» and then you can move out («Settings» → In the section «Our Home», click on «Move out»)

How do I remove a roommate from my flat share?

First of all, the finances have to be at zero, so the first thing to do is to settle. Go to «Settings» → «Our Home» → «Members». Click on the corresponding roommate to open the delete dialog. Confirm the deletion by entering the name of the roommate. For all older versions: Just write us via the feedback function («Settings» → «Feedback») and give us the email address of the corresponding roommate. We will take care of the rest.

How can I delete a shared apartment?

Do you dissolve your flat share and also want to delete the Flatastic flat share? Then everyone just moves out of your flat share and that's it.

Can I live in several flat shares at the same time with Flatastic?

Currently you can only live in one flat share with the same account. If you want to live virtually in a second flat share, it is best to create another account with a new email address.

How can my roomate, if s/he's already an account, enter the invitation code?

Since you can only live in one household per account your roomate needs to move out of her/his current household (Settings -> Our Home -> Move out). Then, s/he can enter the invitation code to join your household.

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